What Is Being Said

“Pathways is care. Pathways is expertise. Pathways is support. From intake through treatment, the Pathways team was consistently warm, loving and skilled. At every appointment, my son would run into the arms of his speech therapist for a hug. Even more wonderful, he got better while having fun. I love Pathways!”
– Nicole Lucas Haimes

“From the first moment I spoke with Gayle on the phone, I had a feeling that Pathways was a special place. Usually, assessments have been extremely stressful for Jackson, but Pathways made the process pain free and fun while still getting all the pertinent information. I was very impressed. Since then, I have felt that Pathways has been a blessing and an answer to my prayers. When I tell Jackson it is time for speech, he races out of the door with a smile on his face. He loves it and the progress he has made is very exciting! The match between Jackson and his therapist is perfect, which is something Gayle really pays attention to. It is simply a fantastic place to take your child to help them learn the fundamentals of speech. We look forward to coming to Pathways twice a week because it is always a pleasant experience to walk through the Pathways’ doors.”
– Safika Erselcuk
Mother of Jackson, 4

“Our son Sean began at Pathways when he was 39 months old. Due to an auditory processing disorder his communication skills were approximately those of a 21-month old. He was having trouble making friends at pre-school, lacked social skills, and often seemed lost in his own world. After observing his first speech therapy session at Pathways we were confident that we had found the right team to help Sean. Sean is now 4.5 years old and is a completely different child. He is confident and popular and actively participates in his pre-school classroom. He loves going to Pathways and looks forward to his speech therapy sessions. We consider ourselves very lucky to have found Pathways and are forever grateful to the Pathways team for the miracle they have worked for us and Sean.”
– Kevin and Lily Crummy

“Thank you so much for all you have done for Theo over these past 6+ months. We have been so impressed with your warmth and professionalism, and Theo has had a blast with you! We are forever in your debt.”
– Pathways’ Parent

“We are both happy and sad as our time with you comes to an end. Happy because we have witnessed Jacob change into a different person. Seven months ago we first came feeling helpless in our care for him but through your hard work and persistence he is on his way to meeting his full potential. We are sad because Pathways has become part of the family. Thank you again for all that you have done, we are indebted to you for helping us draw Jacob out. Our hearts are full of appreciation for the work you do at Pathways.”
– Pathways’ Parent

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