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Toddler Time

Toddler Time is a 6 week program for children ages 22-42 months that integrates language and learning in a playful manner. The structure of Toddler Time is similar to that of a typical preschool including “hello” time with peers, guided play choices, semi-structured play during gym time, circle time, sit-down activities, and snack time. The group consists of 4 to 6 children and is led by two speech and language pathologists and two assistants. The focus of Toddler Time is to prepare your child for skills needed within a preschool setting: independence, social language development, vocabulary skills, participation in group activities, and following a schedule.

The Hanen Program©*

It Takes Two to Talk is a program for parents of children up to the age of 5 who have language delays. The popular program was developed by The Hanen Centre and is recognized around the world for its research into how parents communicate with their children and how the communication skills of children with language delays can improve with their parents help. This program helps a child’s parents, the most important people in their lives. A parent learns to help his or her child communicate and connect with the world around them. The program includes individual videotaped sessions of you with your child, informative and personalized classes for small groups of parents, a written assessment at the conclusion of the program and a parent guidebook.

*”Click here for more information on the Hanen Program”

Pathways Pals*

Pathways Pals teaches and facilitates social and play skills in a setting as natural as possible. The group is designed to set up fun and motivating activities during which specific social and play skills can be taught as they are occurring. The program fosters the development of skills such as: making friends, reciprocal communication, joining groups, and using verbal and nonverbal communication. Participants “learn” these new social skills in the clinic and carry that information with them for outings within the community (i.e. play dates, bowling, parks, etc.). Use of video clips allows parents and participants to observe and learn from events. Parent participation is facilitated by parent meetings and written materials; ongoing dialogue is maintained to ensure carry-over of learned skills to the home.

* Vendored by Westside Regional Center
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An acting class that is run by two theatrically trained professional actors in conjunction with a speech-language pathologist. The acting teachers introduce and develop acting skills through traditional theatre games and scene study of age-appropriate literature while the SLP ensures the child successfully accesses the class content and benefits from the class as much as possible. These games are designed to address language comprehension and expression, verbal and nonverbal pragmatic skills (including a strong emphasis on perspective taking), speech skills, self-confidence, social skills and following instructions. Perhaps even more importantly, we are eager for our kids to participate in a typical class where support is provided that addresses each child’s individual needs. The main goal is for each child to have fun and make friends! And second, to be successful in a class that increases their speech, language, and pragmatic skills. Acting is a great way for children to implement these skills in a natural and typical way!

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