Pathways was built on the philosophy that every therapist is part of a team.

Who We Are

In a warm and supportive environment, Pathways offers state-of the art therapy for a wide range of communication disorders in children. Understanding that every child is unique, our therapists custom fit their treatment to the individual needs of each child and their family.

We passionately care about the quality of our services. We offer a playful and family-friendly facility complete with a sensory integration-based gym. Our expert team retains its leading edge through continued education and ongoing collaborations with peers and allied professionals.

What We Do

Your first contact with Pathways is a phone interview with the director, Gayle Keefer, M.A. This is an opportunity to describe what concerns you may have, so your child’s needs can be more accurately understood. Sometimes Gayle asks to observe very young children and see them again a month or two later to assess gains they are making. Other times, Gayle suggests an outside professional if it seems the child’s needs are in another area. When indicated, a full Speech and Language Evaluation is recommended.

Speech and Language Evaluation: Pathways uses a play based assessment to evaluate a child’s overall communication skills. We commit two therapists to this assessment. We will share with you the immediate impressions and initial findings. If therapy is warranted and appropriate, we will set up a schedule and initiate treatment. After a short diagnostic period, we will conference with parents to report findings and define initial goals.

Parent participation is an integral part of our program. We ask parents to do play-based activities at home to solidify progress initiated in the therapy session. We also request regular conferences with parents to refine treatment planning and identify current goals. We are able to share with each other information to help treat the whole child: what is happening at home, school and in other environments or treatments.

At Pathways, we love what we do, finding joy in our work with children. We feel privileged to witness the life changing power of speech and language treatment.

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